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Cat is FINALLY accepting new massage clients again!  WOOHOO!!

If you’ve been waiting to see her, now’s your chance.

Click here to schedule your appointment with Cat today!

This link may be removed at any time due to high demand. 

If you’re looking for assistance with a particular issue, please schedule a 2 hour Trigger Pt Therapy #1 and then schedule 2 90-minute follow ups within 5 weeks. 

I look forward to helping you soon!

Don’t live in the area or can’t get into the clinic?

Cat is also available for Telehealth One-on-One Consultation if you are looking for specialized guidance and support with a chronic pain pattern – Click Below to Learn More –


Learn more about Telehealth with Cat

Trigger Point Based Therapeutic Massage for Specific Conditions

Got something in particular you are needing help with?

Therapeutic massage sessions are designed to work with your body to restore balance, reduce pain, and increase your range of motion.  If you’re dealing with an injury or pain, this is the type of session to schedule. 

Please note that therapeutic work takes time for the full effects to kick in.  It is highly recommended that you schedule three sessions with your therapist for the greatest effect and benefit.

Cat is excited to be receiving new clients again. The wait time might be a bit longer and if you need help right now, she  recommends Stephanie, who also works at the FreeBody Clinic:

Stephanie Metzger: Hands on Healing Professionals, Pain Management Specialist, Physical Therapy Assistant.  Stephanie can be reached 828.545.4343 or visit her website

Ridiculously Awesome Full Body Massage

Your choice for a full body integrative massage. Sessions can be 1 hour, 75 minutes, or 90 minutes. These integrative massages combine Swedish techniques for warming and lengthening with compression and specific work to unlock tight areas. Sessions are a mixed bag of relaxation and releasing techniques to bring down the general tension in the whole body and leave you feeling refreshed, deeply relaxed, and ridiculously awesome.

Prenatal Massage for the Sacred Journey to Motherhood

Prenatal massage is a special treat for the mama-to-be.  Prenatal massage sessions are 60, 75 or 90 minutes of bliss on a specially designed massage table which allows mama to lie face down for the treatment.  In this position the shoulders, back, hips, hamstrings, and calves can be easily massaged, relieving many of the most common areas of discomfort in pregnancy.  We know that pregnancy is not for wimps and we believe prenatal massage shouldn’t be wimpy.  We will work within your comfort level to release the areas that might be causing you some trouble during your pregnancy for real relief and a better experience of this sacred time.  


Cat has given me relief from years of chronic headaches that no other traditional or alternative practitioner (and I had tried them all!) has been able to provide.


Cat is, hands down, my choice bodyworker in Asheville. Her strategy for chronic pain relief is grounded, smart, and very effective.


Cat’s skill and attention to detail in massage technique and knowledge of the body is far superior to any other massage therapist I’ve experienced.


Cat gave me hope again when I was totally hopeless that I would ever be out of pain.


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