Let’s talk about self-trigger point release. Trigger points are focal points of tension in our muscles. If you have tension, maybe tension headaches, a little tension in your shoulders or tension in your neck, you have by definition, trigger points.

Trigger points, those focal points of tension in our muscles, gather in similar places from person to person, and then they can create reoccurring or chronic symptoms that we regularly feel in our bodies, such as headaches, pain and aching in the wrist, in the back, anywhere in the body, even nerve type symptoms like radiating numbness and tingling down the arms. All of this can come from trigger points or tension in your muscles.

You might be thinking, how do we do that?  Well, maybe you’ve heard of foam rolling or self-myofascial release. Self-myofascial release is very beneficial and similar. With self-trigger point release we do some of that same general rolling around on balls and such to hydrate the tissues. But then with self-trigger point release, we go right to the source of that pain. In FreeBody Therapeutics we guide you where to go very particularly in your body. We  get real specific and go the exact points where that pain-causing tension lives in your muscles and in your tissues.  We then release that tension, restore function, and get rid of pain.

That’s my skill. That’s my specialty. I’ve been a trigger point therapist for almost 30 years. I love teaching people how to go into their bodies, find those places of tension that are causing their pain, and release it so that they can move and live well in their bodies. So, self-trigger point release is like self-myofascial release with a twist, going into those very specific places where that tension and pain begins, and releasing it so you can live the best life possible.